Whether it is the intimacy of an unguarded moment, the story told with an interesting juxtaposition, or the simple wonder in a child's eyes... there is a power in photographic images that has captured my imagination since I was very young. It is something about the idea of stopping time which eludes us in everyday life but which becomes possible with a camera. It is in these brief frozen moments that I think there is the possibility to capture the true essence of a person or a place.

In taking photographs it has always been my interest to try to seek out this essence. It is my own experience that there is often more to work with in the unscripted moments than in the planned ones. Rather than pose photographs I prefer to take them in a more freeform style. It is where stuff just happens, and the results can be magical.

It is my true pleasure to take photographs of people. I think you will feel this if we are working together. My approach is professional but not overly technical. I would rather you had the feeling of being in the company of another person, rather than just a camera.

John O'Hagan